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Here is the link to My TOUR VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJcS_AWImiw After building my home theater I decided to make 2 videos. In this video I discuss the things I learned throughout the process of making a home theater that I wish I knew before I got started. So,,, I hope to share my experience with building a home theater and for some of you enhancing a home theater.


  1. Your discussion on corner bass trap (at 28:40) includes an image of
    different size bass traps, did you get this from some online discussion on
    the performance of different shapes and sizes? If so, could you provide a
    link or reference? Thx!

  2. The best is to stay away from the couch perspective and spend as much time
    as you can outdoors :)

  3. extremely in-depth, well done! Only thing is that Mbps is actually Megabits
    per second, not Megabytes! (8 bits= 1 byte) so divide your stats by 8 and
    you’ll get the amount of Megabytes. BluRay is up to 50 Megabits per second,
    or around 6.25 Megabytes p/s. Multiply this by a 90 min movie and you get
    your average 33gb Bluray. Turns out Blu-rays are usually around 20-30
    Megabits p/s, check it out on blu-ray.com

  4. power regulator does nothing except surge protector

  5. I find that the ease and access to your media is equally as important as
    the content that you are watching. Having a number of remotes and multiple
    clicking etc… is downright pain. Pure simple fast method to get to your
    media is the key for me, and I find running a custom computer connecting
    all my media is the ultimate experience. I was surprised that you didn’t
    mention this in your video.

  6. Taylor Montgomery

    mbps= megabits per second, not megabytes.

  7. great video,bro.
    and thanks for using my HT as an example 🙂 ( 16:13 )

  8. Very cool and usefull video. I just got a Wifi Android projector from
    globaledigital. you just power up projector and that’s it. not other cords

  9. This was fantastic, sir. Thank you

  10. Out of all the information videos I’ve watched over the years to start
    various projects. This is definitely the best one ever. Great information.
    Much appreciated! 

  11. Nice video and more than enough info to start investigating your own
    The one thing I definitely recommend to leave out of your home theater are
    things that tend to make noise like beverage coolers, popcorn makers.
    Coolers often make buzzing sounds or worse.
    And try to use the silent type cooling fans for your built in equipment.
    Air in and air out need to be sufficient to avoid your fans extracting air
    from the smallest gaps like between the cabinet doors and such, causing
    additional noise.
    For acoustics you can buy the nicest framed pictures that are actually
    acoustic panels. So you have a choice nowadays not having to notice
    acoustic paneling.

  12. You didnt make the mistake did you? You didnt just refer to a projector
    lamp as a bulb… D:

  13. Håkon Meyer Tørnquist

    Love your video, but I would just like to point out that you’re confusing
    megaBYTES with megaBITS when you’re talking about internet speeds. It’s
    confusing, I know, but this is quite important as one bit equals just one
    eigth of a byte. MB (Megabytes, upper case letters) are used when talking
    about actual throughput and file size, mb/mbit (megabits, lower case
    letters) are used when talking about theoretical throughput, like internet
    speeds or router speeds. Just a heads up!

  14. Mbps isn’t “mega bytes per second” it is mega BITS per second. Just a

  15. Great tips! thank you 😉
    btw, Mbps means Mega bits per second, not Mega Bytes per second.

  16. Brilliant information. This 30 minute video can save around a months of
    regular research. Though i got here a bit late, but loved to spend time
    watching this. Thanks a lot man. I can see how much time you devoted
    learning all these things and making it available for all of us. Thumbs up.

  17. “I never knew what it meant until I bought it.”

    This statement sums up this entire video. 

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  19. I don’t live in a house I live in a apartment and it’s hard to get a
    surround sound system to not disturb the people around me the only solution
    for my surround sound is to buy a 3D Blue-ray home theater system it gives
    me the same amount of sound without any problems with my neighbors
    But I do have a great entertainment section 

  20. Around 25:00, I think you meant, “Mega bits per second.”

  21. One of the best presentation of all kinds and the best one of its kind.
    You boosted my energy to focus on my undone home theatre installation with
    fashion and gorgeous design

  22. Be conveniently from home, make a home theater, with modern technology

  23. Vă recomand acest videoclip pe YouTube:

  24. I live in a apartment (buying house soon) for subs I have a pair of 18″
    subs on front, pair of 15″s in rear (I run5.1 in- 5.4 out) but when
    neighbors are home I turn subs down to about 15% use and turn up the 4 butt
    kicker tactile transducers and the neighbors don’t whine, but of coarse the
    mains are not ran at reference level either when they are home, but when
    they leave I shake the house, I need a house.

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