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SONOS Wireless HiFi Speaker System Part 1

Sonos’ software and hardware ecosystem is simple enough that you can be up and running within 5 minutes, and yet so deep that I needed two nearly 10-minute videos to cover it properly!

Part 1 focuses on the app and wired operation, while part two throws wireless and speaker grouping into the mix with their Playbar.

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Intro Screen Music Credit: Adhesive Wombat – Check out his channel here: http://youtube.com/adhesivewombat

Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High http://www.youtube.com/approachingnirvana


  1. Sonos’ wireless speaker system… It’s actually kinda amazing. Here’s part
    one of my review!

  2. I have not experienced any lag on my iPhone or iPad, maybe there is a
    difference between the android and ios app performance wise?

  3. Seriously, where in Canada do you live? This one was uploaded at 12:37 AM.

  4. See, this is exactly what I thought I’d hear. Never once have I listened
    to the sound coming out of a trendy overpriced speaker and been impressed.
    This may work for some people, but I am *very* picky about my
    price:performace with the actual sound of speakers. Sure the ones I buy
    may not be as “efficient” with wiring, but they sound a hell of a lot
    better, and they’re a hell of a lot cheaper.

  5. Is the Sonos SUB worth it? 

  6. looks like a expensive piece of shit

  7. And Apple’s had this for years.

  8. Couldn’t you just use the EQ from Google play music? 

  9. So every app with the chromecast function can stream to these speakers?
    Meaning Plex will work too? Awesome. All my music on my server directly to
    the speakers.

  10. you don’t look like a katy perry fan

  11. Uh oh look at the time the video is. 9:11 

  12. Yeah nope, wireless speakers seem pointless to me. But thats my opinion

  13. haha :’)

  14. You guys dont have pandora? I could never be a Canadian… 

  15. love this. definitely interested. but i have many questions.

    how well does spotify integrate to the software on a windows 8 desktop? all
    i want is to put a speaker in each room, have them all playing the same
    music at a low volume so i get my spotify playlist that i can control and
    not have it lose treble or volume and go all bassy when i leave the damn

    can i control it with multiple devices at once? say my pc is upstairs and i
    want to watch a movie downstairs, do i have to go to my pc, turn it off,
    then go back downstairs to watch a film? or can i control it with my pc AND
    my android smartphone at once?

    also, do they wall mount in any way or would i have to put them on the
    floor hidden by furniture or buy some wall stands.

    do i need to plug all of them into the ethernet or just 1?

    lastly, how would i go about fitting one of these to a bathroom? i know its
    a bit retarded but i would love to have my music with me in the shower
    without having a system just for that room. are they waterproofed in any
    way or would i have to put one in a waterproof box or something?

  16. I’m building my first gaming pc.
    What do you guys think and do you have some suggestions?

    Intel i7 4770k
    2 samsung evo 840 250gb ssd’s in raid 0
    1 TB western digital black
    Evega gtx 780 superclocked
    Gigabyte g1 sniper b5

    For cooling i’m going to use the new noctua fans and the nzxt kraken x60
    The case WILL be the nzxt h440 razer edition (this pc is centered around
    looks aswell as performance)

    Sorry for my english, it isnt my main language.

    Any thoughts?

  17. if it can do spotify, i’m in.:)

  18. The videos audio is shit again so i cant trust your sound reviews.

  19. WTF is “Data-center DNA”

  20. Martin A. Kjenna

    My mother has the Play:5, actually it’s quite descent. 

  21. I have the play bar hooked up with 2 play 1s either side of me and is great
    for watching movies but you have to use your phone or tablet to change the
    volume which can get annoying. 

  22. Mathieu Bouvier

    If you have iOS: Airplay > Sonos

  23. Not abling you to control it with anything. I saw that it is not supporting
    Windows Phone OS, at least currently. So… this is a no good for me.

  24. I have the Play 5 and it really is miles apart from the other two speakers.
    Its sound is much better and one thing Linus did not mention (I think) is
    that you can set two of these speakers up to play in stereo which
    significantly improves the sound by separating the sound more. I really
    can’t recommend the Play 5 enough. Linus keep up the good work dude! 

  25. How can a review of a speaker system be 99% positive if the speakers don’t
    really sound that good???

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