A look at Acting In The Audio Medium/Radio Drama

Each year Crazy Dogs award winning Roger Gregg conducts the Gaiety School of Actings course Acting In The Audio Medium/Radio Drama.The course is designed to introduce Acting students to all aspects of working in front of microphones, not just in radio dramas, but also in voice overs for advertising, computer games, animations, film ADR and in narrations.The topics covered over the week-long course include:A presentation on the history and development of radio entertainment, comedy and drama.

Listening and critiquing to samples of outstanding radio dramas and comedies.
Practical sessions on recording voice overs, using a array of scripts from advertising, animations, and narrations.
Presentations on how to go about finding voice work in the modern market place.
Dissecting the voice over demo and practicals on putting together a voice over demo.
Demonstrations and practise in microphone techniques for various set-ups.
Devising improvised sketches in small groups to develop the audio imagination through the use of voice, music and sound effects.Each year the course culminates in 2 days spent recording a new radio play which has been especially written for the class. The play is written and directed by Roger Gregg and recorded by Mark McGrath, one RTE Radios most experienced sound engineers.
The play is then post-produced and scored with original music by Roger Gregg.

The play for 2008 is The Return Of The Bogman Mummy a horror comedy recorded on location in a large private home in Dublin, Ireland.

This year the recording sessions were also videoed by Lauren Jones and several segments of set-ups, out-takes & takes have been put up on You Tube, including a short 3 minute Best Of Trailer.

Note: The sound on these videos is that recorded by the cameras microphone NOT by our sound engineer.

For more information on the The Gaiety School Of Acting Irelands premier acting school see their website.

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